Our Services

MyGradCoach helps professionals with undergraduate and graduate degrees to successfully apply for fully funded master’s and doctoral programs in U.S. universities. A ten-month program, which implies weekly meetings with candidates, explores their individual strengths and weaknesses and helps them set time-sensitive and attainable objectives to reach their goals.
Our curriculum combines three essential elements: mindset, skills, and know-how. By developing the right mindset, honing academic skills and sharing practical know-how, we guide the candidates to successfully apply for graduate programs at American universities.

Our Approach


We train candidates to
overcome mental barriers
and limiting beliefs.


We assist candidates in
preparing admission
documents, such as
application forms,
personal essays and
research proposals.


We mentor candidates to
explore funding opportunities
and share tips and tricks to
obtain financial support.

Through live online weekly coaching meetings, we assist candidates with:

  • Selection of universities and academic programs
  • Collection of admission documents and drafting diverse writing pieces
  • Exploring funding opportunities